Writing for Periodicals

My journalistic writing moves beyond straight-edged fact to the nuance of narrative and personality. Equipped with an M.A. in journalism, a keen interest in life and extensive writing experience, I paint the sort of word pictures that draw readers in and invite insight, no matter what the medium. Much of my work for not-for-profit and other clients also capitalizes on my ability to interview deeply and weave the results into compelling stories.

Since launching Words that Sing, I have published in numerous periodicals, including Alberta Views, Alberta Venture, Homemakers, Legacy, Nursing PRN, Avenue, Scarlett and TechLife. Along the way, I’ve tackled such mind-expanding topics as life in the future, entrepreneurial happiness, education’s discontents, sandwiched caregiving, small business benchmarks and family business succession. You’ll also find profiles about such strong women as Alberta Lieutenant Governor Lois Hole and LEED-certified architect Vivian Manasc.

A few magazine pieces are excerpted here. To request permission to reprint or to arrange an assignment, contact cheryl@wordsthatsing.com.

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“Just finished reading your article in the Edmonton Journal. Your words took me on the trip in a way I could never manage now (if ever). You had me, in the middle of my kitchen, swapping mosquitoes, hearing the loons, marvelling at their speckled eggs, trudging behind the porters…. It’s a cliché, but you DO have a way with words. Always delighted to read a piece of yours.”

-Florence McKie, Professional Writer, Writers Guild of Alberta

“Very impressed with your consistent record, Cheryl, of solid pieces in a variety of publications. You set a great example for other writers in your discipline, style, and thoroughness.”
-Florence McKee, Member, Writers Guild of Alberta

“This is an outstanding article.”
-Jan Fox (PRA), District Director of Parole Correction Service Canada

“Your work for the issue is terrific!!”
-Deanne Commeret, Reformed Worship

“This is an awesome article!  Thanks very much.”
-Bill Egbert, Propane Training Institute

“I read your article. Well written. I am delighted you communicated my thoughts very well.”
-Henry Victor,  Author and immigrant

“I have just read your article and think you have done a masterful job.”
-Janet-Sue Hamilton, then-Warden, Edmonton Institution for Women