Everyone has a story to tell  

The best stories engage from the first, showing us who we are and who we could be. When words sing in harmony with ideas, the result is a compelling whole that invites empathy and action. Those are the projects that keep my brain busy here at Words that Sing.

  • Heritage stories 

  • Business stories
  • Community stories
  • Not-for-profit stories

The joy of discovery begins anew with every project, thanks to the breadth of the challenges that come my way. I interview for depth and listen hard, soaking up ideas and looking for new ways to tell even the same-old stories. When the resulting work offers antidotes to today’s most urgent issues by inviting humane and healthy ways of living together on the earth, all the better.

Cheryl Mahaffy is based in Edmonton, Canada. In more than three decades as a professional writer, she has explored subjects ranging from architecture to zoning, daycare to seniors, from pioneers of the past to the next big thing. Her work appears in books and magazines as well as corporate and not-for-profit publications.

What story do you want or need to tell? Let’s make it sing.

Shoot me an email or give me a shout at 780.479.3524.