Polished strengths

Here’s what I can accomplish for you:

Interviewing. Editors marvel at the way people open their hearts in conversation with me. That’s what interviewing is, I believe: conversation. Not a barrage of preset questions that invite soundbite answers but a time to listen, to learn what really makes another person tick.

Storytelling. Stories hold persuasive power. In business, in the not-for-profit world and in daily life, stories breathe humanity into goals and visions that would otherwise be lifeless words on a page.

Book projects. Creative nonfiction is my forte. Book topics tackled to date, alone and with others, reflect keen interest in heritage, social needs, architecture and people.

Journalistic writing. I have written for numerous periodicals, informed by an MA in journalism—and by intelligence gleaned through a broad range of projects since.

Speeches. Six years as principle speech writer for the mayor of Edmonton, Alberta’s capital city, taught me how to capture a speaker’s ideas engagingly, in a cadence that feels right.

Public relations writing. Annual reports, white papers, case documents, brochures, grant applications, newsletters—whatever the project, I strive to match the creative side of writing with organizational needs, while telling the truth about what’s going on.

Substantive editing. I won’t claim to be the grammar gal who can rattle off parts of speech, but do I tackle passive voice, wordiness, and stodgy writing with a vengeance that most authors applaud.

Coaching and connecting writers. I welcome opportunities to mentor other writers as others have mentored me. In addition to coaching one-on-one, I provide leadership in the Get Publishing Communications Society, which links writers with publishing opportunities through learning and networking events.

Team building. My personality, skill, focus and insight contribute to a dynamic and collaborative mix, whatever the initiative.